Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reflections at the Bird Nest

I've not been posting for a while. Here're some new photos of the Bird Nest that I find. The water effect is really beautiful, don't you think? They build a man-made river next to the stadium! :)

Currently, this stadium is cladding with EFTE cushions to keep rain out of the stadium. Previously, it was reported that the Water Cube is the largest structure to use EFTE as building materials. It turns out that Bird Nest uses even MORE EFTE (over 110,000 sq. m worth of EFTE)! 12m below the EFTE cushions is another layer of cushion made of PFTE. They act as sound absorbent.

The biggest threat to the structure is - BIRDS!!! Their sharp claws can puncture the cushions. To prevent that, they are installing wire lines just above the cushions so that birds can rest on the wires!



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