Saturday, December 02, 2006

What do they plan to do with the Bird Nest?

Someone ask me what does Beijing plan to do with the stadiums when they are probably completed 1 year ahead of schedule.

Well, the Chinese are determined that NOTHING goes wrong. So, they have planned for be a series of pre-Games tournaments to test out ALL the stadiums before the Games. This whole series of international events is officially called "Good Luck, Bejing!". In fact, the Chinese had already started testing the Fengtai Softball Stadium and the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Regatta from Aug this year!

Some events that has been announced for the Bird Nest are:

Race walking IAAF Race Walking Challenge 2008.04.19-04.20
Marathon 2008 China Open 2008.04.20
Athletics China Open 2008.05.22-05.25

Functions during the Games: Athletics, Football;
Post-Games use: The Stadium is to stage sports events at national and international levels,as well as cultural and entertaining activities. The sitting capacity is expected to reduced from 91000 during the games to 80000.

Height of the stadium: 41m/135ft to 68m/223 ft
Maximum Length (Major axis): 333m/1093 ft
Maximum Width (Minor axis): 297m/974 ft
Weight: 45,000 tonnes
Cost: US$422,000,000



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that the US is going to play an NFL game there I believe next summer. That should be an event to test the stadium. It'll probably the first time a lot of Americans will get to see the Bird's Nest for the first time.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Oracle said...

Thanks for the update! That will be when the whole world will see it too.

2:56 AM  

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