Friday, December 08, 2006

Update on the Water Cube

Inside the Stadium

Roof Membrane Installation

The membrane installation of the National Aquatic Center (‘Water Cube’) is now 85% completed and is expected to be complete by the end of the year with the installation of the roof membranes.

The Chinese name for the ‘Water Cube’ is actually very interesting. It’s called 水立方, or “Where the Water Stands”. I thought that’s a very poetic name for the stadium!

The ETFE membrane is said to have the ability to “self-clean”. The surface of ETFE has anti-adhesion property that prevents dust from staying on the surface. Even when dust does get trapped, rain will be sufficient to wash the particles away. So when is human effort required for a wash? Well, when the infamous dust storm strucks!

The Water Cube will eventually have 3000 ETFE membranes of varying sizes and they function like air pillows. Are they strong enough? Well, apparently ETFE is able to withstand pressure better than other types of membrane. You can use it as trampoline! If a membrane is damaged, it will be replaced in 8 hours time. How is that possible? Well, Beijing already has facilities that manufacture this new age material! What’s more? These EFTE membranes ensure the use of sunlight as the source of ambient lighting in the stadium!

The exterior coat of the structure will be decorated with many white light spots. They are called galvanizing points. What’s their function? To regulate and enhance the luminosity, aesthetic and temperature of the stadium during the hot summer days when the Games are being played. I believe they also ensure that there’s not too much reflection and shadows into the building. It will be completed in Oct 2007.

Welcome to the stadium of the 21st Century :).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the simplicity and elegance of this structure, I am totally touched and speechless.

10:07 PM  

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