Wednesday, August 08, 2007

One Year to Beijing 2008!!!

How time flies! It's only one year left to 08082008 - The Chinese Olympics!!!

Here's the theme song for the Beijing Olympic Games! It's called "We are ready".

Well, Beijing will indeed be more than ready! Most of the stadiums (excluding the Bird Nest) will be completed by the end of the year! The new Olympic subway line is already in the testing stage. Many of the stadiums are staging pre-Olympic events to prepare them for the Games!

As many papers have said, apart from the pollution and traffic problems, this Olympics has pretty much met and exceed all expectations! It's the mark of the Chinese rise into the international scene! 加油,北京!加油,中国!加油,中华民族!


Blogger The Olympics Blogger said...

Nice to see somebody else blogging about the Olympics this early... Cheers.

Here's mine: The Olympics Blogger

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