Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CCTV Building Construction Photos

The CCTV Building is finally showing its shape.

On a side note, yesterday I registered 390 page views which blew me away. It shocked me because it grew by nearly 4 times in a day. There wasn't much post on my blog, so it came as a surprise.

I hope it's not a google technical glitch ;). If you have visited, I appreciate if you can give some comments. :)


Blogger Jelena said...


My name is Jelena and I’m from Serbia, Balkan Peninsula, South-East Europe. I belong to Serbian bologosphere, at Also, I’m very excited about Olympics in Beijing, so I would like to write about it.

I need recent photos of “Eggshell” National Grand Theatre, “Water Cube”, “Bird Nest” Stadium, and “Door” CCTV building, so that I can publish them on I beg you because we in Serbia are very little aware of what’s going on in Beijing and I think that it’s very important. Also I need precise information about when these four buildings will be finished. You can send me photos to

Thank you!

7:12 AM  

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