Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wukesong Cultural and Sports Centre - the Giant TV

"In a park measuring 0.7 by 0.7 kilometers, ten sports facilities will be built. One of the most spectacular is the basketball hall with 18,000 seats in a 70-meter tall cube with a footprint measuring 130 by 130 meters. The ceiling covering the stadium is suspended from above by twelve steel structures resembling basketball baskets. Above this are commercial and conference levels covering a surface area of 65,000 square meters.

The outer walls are designed as huge liquid crystal display screens. They allow hundreds of thousands of spectators to follow the events inside the stadium from outside. The architecture is ahead of the current state of the art of audiovisual technology, but by the time construction of the stadium starts, developments for such oversize displays are expected to have matured. The project will be the world’s biggest TV set. This, too, won the hearts of the Beijing team of experts."

- taken from EuropaConcorsi

By the way, wukesong (五棵松)literally means Five Pine Trees. Does anyone knows why?



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