Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Chinese Olympic!

I read off a chinese new website ( that there will be more than 7 million tickets to be sold in the games. Among these, 80% will be sold in the country and the remaining to the rest of the world.

Which means that you will probably see a sea of black hair and red shirts in all Games venues. It's an open secret that China aims to be top of the medal table in Beijing 2008. It does help when you have a home crowd cheering you on! Actually, the Games is one of the great ways to instill national fervour and pride!

At the same time, to assist the local people to be able to afford the tickets, the Olympic committee asserted that the ticket price will be the cheapest of the last few Olympics. Most locals reflect that they like the tickets to be less than 100rmb (US$12.67). Many don't mind paying 500rmb for the Opening Ceremony too. Still, this is even lower than the Los Angeles Games in 1984 (US$32 then) and cheaper than going to a movie in the States!

In fact, the committee is thinking of giving concession tickets (which are dirt cheap) to students too. Can they really make money to cover the extremely high expenses in building 11 new stadiums, upgrading of the other stadiums and other infrastruture?

But one thing's for sure, there will be lots of enterprising students selling the tickets for a profit!


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